"Several people had suggested I try getting a colonic for my irregularity issues, but the mere thought of it was beyond comprehensible for me. I was scared and nervous so I kept putting off trying it.

"I finally got up the nerve to make an appointment at Embody and within minutes of being there, I felt at ease. The space is warm and inviting and the therapists are very knowledgeable and calming. The session itself offered more than I expected. Besides the obvious (getting stuff out!), there was reflexology and aromatherapy to further relax me. After my first session, I couldn’t wait to set up my next appointment! I did the series as they suggested, and each time was better and better!

"I have since become a regular client to maintain the positive effects, feeling re-energized and less bloated for days. And, much to my relief, the treatments have really helped make me regular.

Dolly and Kimberly are professional, personable and effective at making a seemingly uncomfortable situation a truly wonderful and safe experience!"

~Leslie Hermosa Beach, CA

"Every year I do a cleanse during the month of January and this year I was amazed by the added benefits of colon hydrotherapy. After only three treatments, I started to receive compliments on my glowing skin and weight loss. I also noticed that I had a lot more energy and my bowel movements had become more regular. Dolly and Kim are very professional and knowledgeable. It's wonderful to have such a nice place right here in the South Bay! I highly recommend Embody to anyone seeking to achieve better health."
~ Michelle T., Rolling Hills Estates CA

"Ever since I met my therapist at Embody, my life has changed. First and foremost, I have lost 15 lb. in the past 5 months without doing anything special other than getting treatments by Embody.

I always feel so refreshed every time I finished my session there. Unnecessary grease has disappeared from my face / skin and I feel the effects of my improved blood circulation. My therapists know what they are doing. They give me excellent massages during the sessions which I feel increases the effectiveness of the treatment in releasing waste from my colon.

I used to suffer so much from jet lag every time I return from my trips to Japan. I used to need at least 2 weeks to recover from my trips. Now I have an Embody colonic session after my trips, and I recover from my jet lag almost immediately. I cannot thank Embody enough for the positive results I’m receiving."
~ Masai Murai

"As a fanatic endurance athlete (cycling), training and diet are vital for competitive results. With both of these as part of my life, I was still feeling sluggish and tired. I came to Embody for sessions of colonics. After just the first session, the next day I had a huge improvement in my race. Amazing in fact. After multiple visits, colonics is now a big part of my training and recovery regiment. Thanks Kimberly and Dolly!"
~ Joe, Redondo Beach

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